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Waist Trainer | The new fitness obsession for the perfect hourglass shaped!


Say ‘bye bye’ skinny body and ‘hello’ curves thanks to celebrities such as Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, Nicki Minaj, or the Kardashians.

The hourglass figure has regained popularity in recent years. Is it a bad thing? I don’t think so. If a woman wants to work out to achieve this body shape, I’d say ‘go girl’! Because I prefer to see curvy women in magazines than anorexic ones.

What is bothering me is that some of those celebrities say that they have achieved these curves with the help of waist trainer, a corset that squeezes and shapes the body to a hourglass figure. It’s difficult to not hear about them. They’re everywhere in the fitness industry. So, I was curious and found them fascinating. Being a lazy girl, I decided to buy one on the cheapest website that was selling them, was called getpowerpurb.com. Now it’s called shopbeautyboutique.co. I tried for one month non stop then occasionally only, for a night out for instance. Before giving my opinion about the corset, let just have a few words about this company.


First of all, I fiercely DO NOT RECOMMEND you to order on their site. You might never get your order. On the website, it’s saying that the delivery times are 3 – 7 business days once shipped and on rare occasions it may take 14 days to get your delivery. When I bought mine, there weren’t enough bad reviews to stop me buying it. So, I ordered on their site. It was a HUGE mistake!! I received my order 2 months later after emailing them almost every day.

When I thinking about it, I consider myself lucky because there are a lot bad reviews and complaints about people not getting their product. I feeling bad for those girls. SO PLEASE EVEN THOUGH THEY’RE CHEAP, DO NOT BUY IT HERE! Besides, when I bought mine, the website promoted free shipping, after waiting that long, I finally received my product with additional fees from DHL delivery, the courier. So, I paid 75 euros in total while I thought I would only pay 40 euros. Anyway, this is not the topic on hand; however, if you want to read more reviews click here.


In my order, I received one slimming waist trainer, one latex waist shaper and a small piece of paper with instructions which were saying that both corsets are made from high quality fabrics that lightly compress the abdomen which helps breakdown and burn belly and back fat. The slimming waist can be worn throughout the day or even to sleep in at night, unlike the second one which is just to work out. To be honest, their corsets are great because of the high quality.

After one week, I could see a change. I’d less appetite so I did lose weight. After 2 weeks, my boyfriend saw the change too and complimented me. You’ve to know that before the corset I’d a rectangle shape. So, I was happy to have a smaller waist because that creates curves. By the way, if you want to know more about body shapes, click here.

♡  Do Waist Trainers Really Work?

Women have been wearing corsets to shape and slim their waistlines for centuries, even though there’s no scientific reasons for them to work. They wouldn’t inflict themselves in this pain if they thought it wouldn’t work! So YES, waist trainers do work! If you wear one you’ll definitively lose some inch around your waist. They help boost confidence, encourage you to exercise and also eat healthy. It’s more a psychological effect. Because when you wear one, your stomach jiggles less and so you look thinner. You might lose water weight because it’s so tight, you might lose some pounds from eating less and that will help improve posture which can help to look thinner too.

Seriously, it did work on me, I’ve more a X-shaped body than the perfect hourglass figure. I’m happy with that. If you want to achieve the hourglass figure, you will need patience and it’s a long-term process, you will have to wear it every day. I don’t see this obsession being healthy for the body though.

♡  Are Waist Shapers Good for Your Health?

There is no scientific test to reply yes. If you listen to your body while you’re wearing one, you’ll be fine. But if you’re too obsessed with them and wear it every day, for hours, then you can damage the inside of your body. I tried to wear mine 1 week non stop at night and at day time. In the end, my back was too painful. I was dehydrated because I didn’t listen to my body enough, even though I knew I was losing water weight, I wasn’t drinking enough water. So, when I stopped this extreme process, my back and belly were so sore!! I couldn’t eat or sit down on the couch without pain.

The fact is that the corset moves and compresses the organs, so if you’re too crazy and want to jump steps to achieve quickly, it won’t be without pain. Besides, when you see people like Cathie Jung who is wearing her corset as a second skin, you won’t think it’s attractive. Be careful though girls! Your health should be your priority! Corsets are not the healthiest thing on the earth even though I wish to have Marilyn Monroe’s body. Who doesn’t? It’s so sexy and feminine!

Anyway, if you want to try and wear a corset, pick a good one and listen to your body while you’re doing it. Wear them as frequently as you can and don’t wear more than 4 hours per day. No need to rush. It works but it takes time. So be patient, drink enough water and listen to your body.

Take it off if it’s starting to be painful, you don’t need to wear it hours per day like your friend. And if you want fast results, go to the gym and a good workout focusing on your waist will help you achieve the hourglass figure with less pain and more efficiency.

Have you heard about waist trainers before? I’d love to read your experience with one. 

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