What is a menstrual cup and is it worth changing your tampons & pads for?


Tired of Tampons and Pads?

Here is the new alternative to tampons and pads. I hope you’ll be comfortable to talk about periods ladies.

Have you heard of the menstrual cups? I saw them next to the tampons and pads at the store. I found them interesting, so I decided to look for more information on this topic. You know, just to read reviews from women who are using them, pros and cons, and also how to use them.

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The New Alternative of Tampons and Pads

According to the website healthline, menstrual cup is a type of feminine hygiene product such as tampons and pads which is made of silicone or rubber. Menstrual cups are bell-shaped cups which are worn inside the vagina during menstruation to collect menstrual fluid while tampons and pads absorb it only. Even the definition is captivating, isn’t it?

But now a thing that’s stopping me from buying one… The thing is that I find the process icky! I mean you have to insert the cup inside your vagina by folding it and to remove it you have to grip on the base of the cup and pull it out then we’ve to pour the fluid in the toilet or sink then clean it in the sink.

My concern is that how to do that after using public restroom? Do we have to walk our underwear down to the sink to clean the cup then go back to the toilet and put it back? Or do we have to be smart and keep a bottle of water every time with us to clean the objet in privacy? It’s a ridiculous thought but still a thought of mine. But in the following part you’ll understand why those cups are so fascinating.

 What are the advantages of those menstrual cups?

  • Saving money
  • No dry vagina
  • No association with toxic shock syndrome
  • Zero chemicals unlike tampons and pads
  • No odor
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Good for light and heavy flow
  • Up to 12 hours before you need to empty it
  • Poo & pee with it

 Now there are also some CONS:

  • Adaption time
  • Can be costly at the beginning
  • Can be hard to ‘clean up’ away from a water source

Voilà I made up my mind! I really want to try it because I’ve always had an heavy flow so when I’ve my period I can’t sleep all night without getting up to change my tampons and during the day it’s horrible too, if I’m walking I can feel the tampons inside of me and the smell makes me focus on that and then subconsciously that makes me have more cramps. Anyway, the more I’m reading pros, the more I really want to try one.

Next time I’ve my period, I’ll try one and write about it!

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