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I discovered nail gel last month. It’s like I’m living on another planet. HAHA

Even though I’m selling accessories, makeup, nail polish,… I’ve never tried to have the perfect manicure because nail polish pisses me off. They don’t last a long time and I’d retouch my nails daily. Tired of doing so, I stopped wearing nail polish.

I decided to try the gel because I’d a wedding and I wanted to look feminine. Fingernails are very important to finish an outfit. You can wear a beautiful outfit and beautiful shoes but if your nails are destroyed, your look is unfinished. The appearance of fingernails matter to a lot of people.

So voilà, I decided to ask an expert to do my fingernails. I’m in love with this process. Having a good manicure keeps me happy all day. When someone sees them, they compliment my hands and that makes me happy. Besides, I learnt that gel is not bad for my natural fingernails. According to the person who did my nails and my girly friends who are crazy about them, nail damage from gel polish is usually caused by incorrect removal for example if polish is pulled off or nails are scraped during the removal process.

I bought my clutch bag on Boohoo

















I noticed three reason to use gel polish from now :

  • I stopped biting my nails
  • Gel nails are quite durable and long-lasting (3-4 weeks) compared to common nail polishes.
  • Gel nails are so beautiful, that makes ladies look so sophisticated.





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