SOS My Boyfriend Is Sick !


Time to stop everything you’re doing; it’s the end of the world! My boyfriend is dying! SOS !! What are his symptoms? Sneezing a lot, coughing a lot, his throat is sore, his nose is blocked and leaking a lot, looks awful, a lot of sniffles,… He’s unwilling to do anything, even go to the doctor and he’s regressing to age five.

♡ I’m sure you’re wondering ‘what on the earth did he get ?’

He’d say that he got the most horrible flu on the earth. He doesn’t look like he’s exaggerating; however I think what he really got is just a cold! LOL Anyway, he’s sick and can allow himself to be a lovely pain in the ass.  Men are so funny, aren’t they ? Why are women better able to battle germs? I don’t really know if it’s a scientific fact; however, I’ve noticed when I’m sick, even without any energy, I’m still motivated to manage my day, get up, go to the gym, go to buy food, go to work and even prepare the dinner, all without complaining once.

Cian sick

♡ How is it possible to have this big of a difference? Do men get more sick than women? Or are they just big babies?

I used to laugh when my friends were talking about their whinging boyfriends who were complaining about having a cold. Now I’m in the same situation, I’m finding it less funny. It’s annoying to be treated like a mom by someone who is supposed to be your equal. It’s pissing me off to see him weak. I’ve never seen him like that so I’m also very sad for him. I know my man and he’s the total opposite of his sick twin.

So I’m wondering if there isn’t a scientific reason that makes him react like that. Because he’s walking with a fragile broken ankle for 2 years now without complaining about it. If he’s able to do that how a cold can shut him down for the day? I think it’s because he gets sick once a year or something like that. So, he doesn’t develop a good immune system and the fact he’s vitamin deficient doesn’t help.


♡ What do you think?

I think men are less lucky in sickness. They’re not used to be sick and so they don’t know how to react. Women deal with pain better because we’ve to deal with period pain every month. We know even though it’s painful our body is saying everything is okay. Mother nature prepares us to fight the pain.

Also I think that women go to the doctor more often. I don’t really know that for a fact. I’m just talking about myself and the women I know. I’m more in touch with my doctor and my gynecologist than my boyfriend is with his doctor.

So maybe that’s why he’s such a pain in the ass when he is sick. Even though I love him, it’s disgusting to hear sniffles or see it LOL But love makes me become his nurse… I’m so weak with him and his sick baby face then I’ll do whatever he wants. Guys and their colds…

At the beginning I was laughing at that and now I’m ‘aw poor baby’. I think that I understand him better after writing my thoughts! That why, I wish him to get better as soon as possible because I prefer his smile to his sniffles.

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