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Goodbye To Tampons & Pads and Hello To cups

GOODBYE Tampons & HELLO Cups

I’ve already written, especially in this sub section, about period cups. I swear that the period cup is the best thing I’ve ever tried and I’m a totally convinced beginner user. Seriously, since I said goodbye to tampons and pads, my vagina is so grateful.

I LOVE cups!!! I’ll never go back to tampons. You can use them no matter how heavy your period is and I have a very heavy flow. When I used the pad and tampons I’d need both and I’d still leak every 3 hours. I didn’t leak with my cup.

At first, I was worried about that, so, on the first day, I put on pad and stuck in the cup. I was so stressed, that every hour I went to the restroom to empty my cup. I was so scared of not placing it well that I didn’t sleep well either.

The second day, I changed it only 3 times, washed and reused it. From the second day, I fell for cups. It was so hot outside, with the pads I couldn’t sleep, I was sweating, my pad was smelling after an hour and sticky. I felt so released the second day when I figured out how to stick it in correctly.


Is there a learning curve and a bit of body exploration?

Definitely, but it took me time to learn how to use tampons right when I was a teenager, also. You have to be confident in your body to use cups. People are saying that cups are messier than tampons because you have to stick fingers inside of your vagina to remove or place it well. I didn’t really find them nastier.

It’s true, cups won’t be for everyone; however, many women prefer cups once they try them.

For who?

  • Tampons users. You have to be familiar with your lady parts
  • Women who are comfortable with their bodies and intimacy, or ready to control them!
  • No virgins (the menstrual cup may eventually tear the hymen because it is a little bigger than a tampon)

People are sometimes skeptical about reducing cramps. I didn’t believe it at first. But, I didn’t have a bad cramp with the cup because I didn’t think about it once I placed it right. I didn’t feel it so I wasn’t focused on that. It’s more of a mental thing. Less cramps because less focus on having a period. Insert your cup correctly and you’ll see how comfortable it is! You won’t even know it’s there. It may take a little practice at first to find the right position that fits you. And what’s best is that you can pee and poo even though you’re wearing the cup.


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