A month in West Cork — What to do and see in Cork’s surrounding areas

One month in Ireland


Sorry for the belated post, but moving to Vancouver was so crazy between getting all documents ready to cross the border, finding an AirBnB, etc. Anyway, I won’t talk about that today. Today, I’ll write about what to do in West Cork for one month AND finally say my goodbyes to everyone. Why? The only reason is that I lived in Bandon, a town in West Cork from August 5th to September 17th. Also, I didn’t have time to say goodbye and thanks to everybody who made my month there awesome. You might not like this post, but its something I wanted to do because I hate saying goodbye on face to face.

♡ Bandon

My boyfriend and a lot of his friends won’t agree with me about the following sentences. Many of them don’t like their childhood town that much. I don’t know why because Bandon is really lovely. Bandon is very close to scenic places such as Inchadonney near Clonakilty, Kinsale, Cork City, Baltimore and some more I didn’t have time to visit.

 Give Bandon a try, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

♡ New hobby

Ireland is known for its Guinness but also for the high quality of its wool. I wanted to improve my knowledge of wool. So, I learnt how to knit. Young people might think that only grand-mothers knit. Before starting this activity, I was apprehensive because I stereotyped knitting as an interest suiting only old people.

Then, I went to a shop called Creative U, located in Bandon. Look at the picture, doesn’t the shop look very cute?

Go to see their Facebook page:

There were diverse wools and patterns. I wanted to make a scarf for my boyfriend. I learnt the knitting jargon and the moment I started, I found it so relaxing then I fell for it. I’ll show my projects soon :p

♡ Brunches

I ate a lot in Ireland :’( I gained at least 6 KG in one month here :’( Irish mothers cook very well and Irish meats are so delicious. The beef is definitely the best :-p and unfortunately for me, Cian’s mom is a very good cook. I felt like I have been fed like a goose.

Anyway, here are my 3 favorite restaurants to brunch either for a romantic day out nor with your friends and family:

♡ Goodbye Dedication

I met all of Cian’s close mates. Crazy and lovely lads in fairness. I had a good time either at the pub or out in Cork. Cian has a very nice group of friends. They care for each other. It’s a group you can see on an American series for teenagers, you can find the fashionista, the bully, the party loving one, the girly one, the singles, etc. Everyone has a crazy story that makes them likeable.

Meeting the guys made me improve my sense of humor. They were laughing or friendly mocking everything. On the other hand, it was very nice to be close to the girls of the group. Having someone to talk about woman things, getting our nails done or for going for brunch, was a nice change.

I’m not good at saying goodbye. Even though I know it won’t be definitive, I prefer to avoid people and leave without saying anything. But now I feel like I was ungrateful…That’s why I’m taking this time to say thank you to everyone who made this month awesome from Cian’s family to his friends. Thank you all for the lovely month filled with laughter and good times. I’m still smiling!


♡ 5 Activities you should try in Cork

  1. Fota Wildlife Park
  2. Kinsale
  3. Old English Market/City Market(Cork)
  4. Baltimore Beacon(Baltimore)
  5. Bantry House & Garden(Bantry)


Hopefully you did enjoy reading this post even though it’s more a dedication for my friends. 

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