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My New Hobby #1stproject

As you probably read on my previous post, I spent a month in Ireland and I learnt how to crochet and knit. I really enjoyed that. Knitting became a hobby. Today I’ll talk about the knitting jargon I learnt.

Knitting Jargon

Alternate – To work every other row.

Bind off – To close work by finishing with a final row—by knitting two stitches; slipping the first stitch over the second stitch; repeating with every two stitches until only one last stitch remains; and cutting yarn and looping it through the last stitch.

Cast on – To begin by creating the first stitch, or to add a stitch or stitches—by making a slip loop over left needle, placing right needle through the loop, passing yarn over and under right needle, drawing yarn through loop, and transferring loop to left needle.

Knit – The act, to knit, but also the most common stitch. In patterns, knit is abbreviated as K and is followed by the number of stitches needed: K4 = knit four stitches.

Moss Stitch – The alternating of one knit stitch and one purl stitch in every row.

Purl – The second most common stitch. Whereas in a knit stitch you put the right needle through the stitch from behind, in the purl stitch you place the right needle into the front of the left needle stitch.

Repeat – To do the same step or stitch as just previously instructed

Row – The completed series of stitches worked from one needle to the other, = ligne

Slip – To transfer a stitch from left needle to right needle without adding yarn.

Yarn Back – The action of putting front-sitting yarn to back, between the two needles.

Yarn Forward – The action of bringing back-sitting yarn to the front, under the right needle.

Yarn Front – The act of leaving the already front-sitting yarn at the front instead of moving it back for a back-sitting yarn stitch—an action which will instead create a loop or hole.

Yarn ‘Round Needle – The act of preceding the next stitch by wrapping yarn around the right needle point (yarn starting and finishing at back for a knit stitch, yarn starting and finishing at front for a purl stitch)—thereby creating a hole and an extra stitch.

Knitting Abbreviations

Alt. – alternate (verb)

Beg. – beginning

Cont. – continue

Dec. – decrease

Foll. – following

Folls. – follows

St. – garter stitch

Inc. – increase

Incl. – inclusive

K – knit

m1 – make one

M.St. – moss stitch

P – purl

Patt. – pattern

p.s.s.o. – pass slipped stitch over

Rep. – repeat

Sl. – slip

St. – stitch

St. St. – stocking stitch

Tbl. – through the back of the loop

Tog. – together

yb – yarn back

yfwd – yarn forward

yf – yarn front

yrn – yarn ‘round needle

Knitting needles

After catching up on the basic knitting terminology, it was time to put the techniques into action. As for my projects, I made a scarf and a hat. I took only 3 days for the hat and a week for the long scarf. What I did for the scarf was only use purl and knit until I got the inches needed.

Regarding the hat, it was more technical. I forgot the pattern in Ireland, I can’t share it at this time. But I promise for the next one, I’ll give better instructions.

How To knit: The knit stitch




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