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    Dear Diary

    7 Facts You Do Not Want To Know About Me

    Eli nominated me to share 7 facts no one knows about me. Click here to read her 7 unexpected facts about her.   My nominees are: Emma: https://emmadurrantblog.wordpress.com Billie: http://billiejames.co.uk Erika: https://paereviews.wordpress.com https://bellefabulous.wordpress.com/ https://adoptedlifeblog.wordpress.com Angela: http://angelabarra.com Didi: https://lecoindedidi.wordpress.com   I nominated them because I love their blog content, I also love http://www.elicoleclough.com    Ready? Go!   7 facts about me: ♡ The career I wanted when I was a teen I used to want to study psychology because I wanted to understand more about people’s brains and feelings. I changed my mind when a psychologist told me it was a bad idea regarding my story. I’d spend time analyzing myself. That’d…