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7 Facts You Do Not Want To Know About Me

Eli nominated me to share 7 facts no one knows about me. Click here to read her 7 unexpected facts about her.


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7 facts about me:

♡ The career I wanted when I was a teen

I used to want to study psychology because I wanted to understand more about people’s brains and feelings. I changed my mind when a psychologist told me it was a bad idea regarding my story. I’d spend time analyzing myself. That’d drive me crazy and maybe push me to suicide. To be honest, I was very happy to have a sincere answer. After thinking about it, I admitted it to be true and I moved on to end up studying marketing.


♡ From a tomboy to femininity  

One day I wanted to straighten my hair and use my mom’s electronic epilator. I was 10 I think so I let you imagine the worst idea a kid can have. I ended up with all my hair on the floor and the epilator stuck on my nipple. After being bald and having everyone asking my mom who was the little boy with her, I decided to act like I wanted to be like a boy to play with my cousins. I was afraid of girly things for a while. I’ve only recently started to be more feminine in order to treat myself better. Thanks to a lot of beauty blogs, it’s easy to achieve it.


♡ Call me Flopi

Everybody calls me Flo but my closest friends say Floch or Flopi. It’s a long and embarrassing story. To summarize, when I was a kid, I peed in class because I was afraid of asking where the toilets were (I was new). Then, when I arrived at University, I had to tell an embarrassing moment in my life so I told this story so they baptized me Flo (for Florence) Pi (it’s the sound in French to pee)


♡ I am blogging

I haven’t told my family that I was blogging…just my roomies and some friends.

♡ I love travelling

It really pisses me off when people ask me if I travel to avoid my family. I love my family and even though I’m far, I’m still in touch with my parents. I’m very close to my dad and we need to talk every day. Thanks to Skype and Whatsapp, it’s possible. It’s like because I’m an adoptee, I don’t deserve to like other countries and have an international experience. Honestly, I didn’t move to Vancouver to run away from my adoption. I enjoy travelling to discover new culture, culinary habits, … I love Canada, one of my best friends went there to study for 6 months. One of my cousins went to Quebec to ski a few times. They told me great stories with insane pictures,so I wanted to see for myself! If I chose Vancouver it’s for Cian because his French is great but not enough to work, I’m bilingual so the English part makes sense for us. Moreover, we had friends in Vancouver before moving here.

♡ My plan after Vancouver

I see myself living either in London or somewhere between Cork and Dublin in Ireland. It’s closer to my parents, only one hour flight and I’ll still be improving my English. After my adventure in Canada, I’ll definitely be back to Europe!

♡ I am NOT racist

People who don’t know me think I’m racist against black people. That’s a total lie. I’ll never reject, discriminate or make a fool of someone because of his/her religion, skin color or whatever. I enjoy learning about others. People can bring lots of beautiful things and skills, that help to improve myself. I’ve a lot of friends from everywhere in the globe: South Korea, Japan, Colombia, Portugal, Spain, Ireland, Belgium, Australia, Russia, Israel, Tunis, Morocco, Slovakia, France, etc. It’s true I don’t have many black friends… I’ve 5 close friends from Congo, Kenya and America. It was easier to become friends with them because they don’t see the adoptee on me. They don’t bother me with their religion or their habits. It’s sincerely more difficult for me to be accepted by black people from Africa who moved not that long ago, to Belgium or another continent than theirs, than the others. However, that doesn’t mean I’m racist. It will take more time to build trust with someone when I don’t know the culture. I won’t be friends with someone only because we’re sharing the same skin color. That’s it!

I hope you did enjoy my tomboy story or the origin of my nickname. Now, you know me better (hopefully)!


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Can be anything! Looking forward to reading your answer. 




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  • Eli coleclough

    Oh my God I loved it! It’s great to know so many interesting facts about you! You are multicultural and thats great embrace and understand people from different backgrounds!
    It’s so much fun to know your stories as kid. I also think that beauty blogs helped me a lot with my personal appearence. They are great 😁😁😁

  • Ms Via

    Loved reading your post! Your kid story is interesting hehehe aww! We have been on IG for so long and its odd I did not visit your blog earlier. I am naturally and very positive and happy person. I can be nice I mean very nice and kind even to people I know don’t talk good about me. Strange right! I am trying to improve. 🙂

    • Flopi

      I knew you were someone genuinely friendly! Be careful to not be hurt because people like you are difficult to be found nowadays 😉
      OMG you’re right, we’ve been friends on Insta for a month and I didn’t know you’ve a blog too. I’ll go to let some comments on yours <3

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