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    Moving to Vancouver? Here is what you should know before leaving

    What I wish I knew before moving to Vancouver It’ll be almost 4 months that I moved to Vancouver with Cian. 4 months without finding the time to write about this beautiful city. FOUR MONTHS. It’s mad how the time flies! Before leaving for this beautiful city, Cian and I read a lot about Vancouver and what to do when arriving here. We thought we were ready, we planned to stay with Cian’s friend to give us some time to find a place to live in. Nothing went like we had planned. A few days before leaving, Cian’s friend told us that she had to move and she had visitors…

    Dear Diary

    New Year = New Resolutions

    Bye Bye 2017 & Hello 2018 I am so happy to say goodbye to 2017 because it was so exhausting to go through and keep on smiling; however, I had also a lot of fun.   It was a year of adaptations. I came back from a year in San Diego where I met my boyfriend by the end of the year 2015. San Diego was unreal, it was totally a dream came true and I didn’t want to wake up. It wasn’t the real life. The weather and San Diegans personalities didn’t help me to enjoy my comeback home. Don’t take me wrong, I love Belgium and everything that…