Hi, I am Flopi

A 25-years old Belgian, born in Abidjan (Ivory Coast) but grew up in Belgium. After living 23 years in Belgium, I woke up with the desire to see the world. I am currently living in Vancouver, after spending a year in San Diego. I don’t know yet what my next destination will be. But, I hope it will be another amazing adventure! I would like to see China, South Korea, Japan, Australia, and more…

I am a 5 feet 1 foodie, so I decided to be healthier. Attention, I don’t like the diet! Life is too short to restrict me! I am not Vegan or vegetarian, I just like to eat healthily and be active to not gain weight.

I started a blog for my friends and family to follow up with my life abroad. I fill this site with my simple life and adventure!