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    Helpful Relationship List Before Cohabiting With Your Babe

    On a yearlong student visa, I went to San Diego to improve my English. Over there, I met my Irish boyfriend, Cian. At the beginning of our romance, I couldn’t see him as much I wanted because of school and living with a host family. I got along with my American host family so I liked to spend time with them. It was difficult to find a good balance to see my boyfriend more than 1 hour per day. Besides, I didn’t tell anyone that I fell for a lovely Irish because I wasn’t the kind of girl who wanted to find love. Then things got serious between us and…

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    SOS My Boyfriend Is Sick !

    SOS! MY MAN IS SICK ! Time to stop everything you’re doing; it’s the end of the world! My boyfriend is dying! SOS !! What are his symptoms? Sneezing a lot, coughing a lot, his throat is sore, his nose is blocked and leaking a lot, looks awful, a lot of sniffles,… He’s unwilling to do anything, even go to the doctor and he’s regressing to age five. ♡ I’m sure you’re wondering ‘what on the earth did he get ?’ He’d say that he got the most horrible flu on the earth. He doesn’t look like he’s exaggerating; however I think what he really got is just a cold! LOL Anyway, he’s…