I finally found the strength to start a blog. To be fair, it’s quite scary to open up and share my mind with someone I don’t know. Here’s everything about me, myself and me again😜😜

I’m scared because I’m not that girly, not the most beautiful girl or crazy about fashion… However I think I’m an interesting person with a crazy life.

I know that I’m black. However, I was educated differently from black people. That’s why I won’t write about afro hair, racism or other topics related to black people. I won’t pretend to be what I’m not. Beside, I don’t have a lot knowledge of Africa; however, I learnt the African History at school only. So that’ll probably surprise people to not find the same topics as the other black bloggers. So if you’re still willing to know about me, continue reading.


Created in 2017, this blog reflects my simple lifestyle. The topics that are discussed in this blog are relationships, travel, wellbeing, my experiences abroad and so on. Nothing very impressive because I’m just a tomboy with strong opinions and an interesting life who is trying to be more feminine. I’m absolutely not a fashionista. So this blog won’t be focused on fashion and make-up. Even though, I’m trying to treat myself better by dressing better and putting make-up on. I start to like reading beauty blogs. 

welcome to my world

People call me Flopi (there’re too many Flo’s in the world) but my full first name is Amoin Florence. I prefer Flopi because Flo is too common. Anyway, I am a 24 years old adopted Belgian girl who was born in Abidjan, Ivory Coast but I grew up in Belgium.

I enjoy cooking, writing and traveling. I have been to a lot of cities in Europe and I decided to learn English for one year in San Diego. San Diego offered me a lot of opportunities, such as meeting my Irish boyfriend Cian /key-in/ (no no he’s not from Galway so forget Ed Sheeran and his song Galway girl😜), living with 7 Irish people, meeting amazing people, studying at Grossmont College, doing a Californian road trip and improving my English.

Since then, I am speaking French and English fluently and a bit of Dutch (Flemish). I have been studying marketing in Belgium and got my marketing degree. Now, I plan to move to Canada, in Vancouver to be more accurate, with Cian. Because I want to work in an English part to keep going to improve my English skills.


I’m starting a blog for several reasons:

  • Improving my English. I’m a French native speaker, so having a blog in English will help me to keep improving my English writing skills. That will force me to be aware of the grammar and the vocabularies.
  • Blogging will force me to organize better my thoughts
  • Another reason is that I want to work in digital marketing so this blog can be a witness of my skills.
  • I want to tell my story the way I want. I want to be able to talk about my adoption and my experience with other black people, my interests, my experiences abroad, share tips, etc. because I find it interesting.
  • My goal is to make people happy by sharing a funny or inspirational story
  • It’s a way to keep in touch with my family because I’ll move to Canada soon
  • Writing is my hobby

So I’m here to keep improving my English and if possible to share my story.

Hopefully someone will read my posts and will share their story too.


I think this blog will interest people who want to read something other than blogs about make-up and fashion.


FloPi 😘


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