• handmade

    Knitting Jargon — New Hobby

    My New Hobby #1stproject As you probably read on my previous post, I spent a month in Ireland and I learnt how to crochet and knit. I really enjoyed that. Knitting became a hobby. Today I’ll talk about the knitting jargon I learnt. Knitting Jargon Alternate – To work every other row. Bind off – To close work by finishing with a final row—by knitting two stitches; slipping the first stitch over the second stitch; repeating with every two stitches until only one last stitch remains; and cutting yarn and looping it through the last stitch. Cast on – To begin by creating the first stitch, or to add a stitch or stitches—by…

  • creativeu

    A month in West Cork — What to do and see in Cork’s surrounding areas

    One month in Ireland   Sorry for the belated post, but moving to Vancouver was so crazy between getting all documents ready to cross the border, finding an AirBnB, etc. Anyway, I won’t talk about that today. Today, I’ll write about what to do in West Cork for one month AND finally say my goodbyes to everyone. Why? The only reason is that I lived in Bandon, a town in West Cork from August 5th to September 17th. Also, I didn’t have time to say goodbye and thanks to everybody who made my month there awesome. You might not like this post, but its something I wanted to do because…