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    Moving to Vancouver? Here is what you should know before leaving

    What I wish I knew before moving to Vancouver It’ll be almost 4 months that I moved to Vancouver with Cian. 4 months without finding the time to write about this beautiful city. FOUR MONTHS. It’s mad how the time flies! Before leaving for this beautiful city, Cian and I read a lot about Vancouver and what to do when arriving here. We thought we were ready, we planned to stay with Cian’s friend to give us some time to find a place to live in. Nothing went like we had planned. A few days before leaving, Cian’s friend told us that she had to move and she had visitors…

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    Dear Diary,  DEAR DIARY

    I failed and it didn’t kill me — A year of shame

    10 Tips To Handle A Failure A lot of people told me: ‘You really fail when you decide to give up’. It’s easy to say, isn’t it? If you didn’t get it yet, today I’m sharing one of my biggest fears with you guys J. Failure. One of my biggest fears is to fail… whether it be failing at school, a professional interview, at work, … For others, it’s not a big deal. Reality hit me when I came back to Belgium one year ago. OMG it’s already one year! I felt ashamed for my family and friends. I didn’t know what happened because I was a good student. So,…

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    Helpful Relationship List Before Cohabiting With Your Babe

    On a yearlong student visa, I went to San Diego to improve my English. Over there, I met my Irish boyfriend, Cian. At the beginning of our romance, I couldn’t see him as much I wanted because of school and living with a host family. I got along with my American host family so I liked to spend time with them. It was difficult to find a good balance to see my boyfriend more than 1 hour per day. Besides, I didn’t tell anyone that I fell for a lovely Irish because I wasn’t the kind of girl who wanted to find love. Then things got serious between us and…